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July Features 


Body Polish & Massage 


Polish your body with the hydrating qualities of sugar and the invigorating benefits of salt. Infused with comforting stone crop and antioxidant-rich lemon peel to brighten and smooth skin. Followed with a warm towel removal and relaxing 60 min body massage. 

Allow for 90 mins 


Microcurrent Lifting Facial

Using Eminence Organics paired with Nuface Ioncharged Skincare to give you a lifted toned and glowing complexion. This facial is considered the non surgical face lift. This is a very relaxing treatment that also incorporates massage of the facial muscles, hands, arms and scalp. 

Allow for 60 mins 



Facial upgrades:

Jane Iredale Light Makeup Application $35

LED Light Therapy $35

Arctic Berry Peel $35

Ultra Sonic Pore Cleanse $30

Float Experience

Experience zero gravity with this mind and body rejuvenating session. Leave all stressors behind and step into our float pod for complete relaxation.

Every experience is different as you are left to interpret your float and your thoughts as they come and go.

With 1000 lbs of dissolved salt to hold you up in the water you are able to feel completely weightless, the solution is kept at body temperature so you feel one with your surroundings. Improve your mental and physical health by becoming a float expert, the more you float the better each session becomes. 

Single Floats

$77/90 mins 

$72/60 mins 

$52/30 mins 

Float 3 pack

(3 for the price of 2, non shareable) 

3x 90 min floats $154

3x 60 min floats $144

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