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    Float Experience 

    Coming Soon 

    Experience zero gravity with this mind and body rejuvenating session. Leave all stressors behind and step into our float pod for a relaxing 90 minutes of calm.

    Every experience is different as you are left to interpret your float and your thoughts as they come and go.

    With 800 lbs of dissolved salt to hold you up in the water you are able to feel completely weightless, the water is kept at body temperature so you feel one with your surroundings. Improve your mental and physical health by becoming a float expert, the more you float the better each session becomes. 


    $70/90 mins 

    Floating is not for you if:

    1.You have had recently coloured hair within a week or two

    2.Have a fresh tattoo within a month or two

    3. Suffer with incontinence

    4.Have any medical conditions that your doctor would advise against

    5.Have had a recent infection 

    Know before you go:

    1. You do not need a bathing suit we encourage floating with as little distractions as possible 

    3. You will be required to shower in your float room before entering the pod 

    4. Do not shave or wax the day you are floating, the salt could cause irritation to exfoliated skin 

    5. Use the washroom before you start your float 

    6. Avoid stimulants such as caffeine and nicotine

    7. We will provide shampoo/condition, body wash, ear plugs, a robe and towels for you for before and after you float 

    While you are in the pod:

    1. Breath 

    2. Let go 

    3. Trust the float 

    4. Enjoy