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Please Note:

We do not have a Registered Massage Therapist on staff

Our Massage services are provided by Certified Estheticians and Spa Practitioners

All Massages can be paired together in our couples treatment room for couples massage, please let us know if you would like book your massages together

Levia offers pregnancy massage for expecting mothers, please let us know if you would like to book a session using our table top pregnancy support pillow, allowing you to comfortably lay on your tummy during your massage 

Relaxation Massage

Effleurage combined with petrissage for a deep relaxation of the muscles, and mind

Allow for 60 min


Swedish Massage

Relaxation massage with firm pressure to alleviate muscle tension while still allowing you to relax your body and mind 

Allow for 60 min


Couples Peaceful Retreat

Melt away in our couples room with a detoxifying herbal bath soak paired with organic wine tasting followed by relaxation massages

Allow for 90 min


Aromatherapy Massage

Essential oil blend to take you on a sensory journey of peacefulness

Allow for 60 min


Eucalyptus Massage

Clear your sinuses and your mind while you warm up in our heated massage table and drift away to a soothing full body massage 

Allow for 60 mins


30 Minute Massage

Choose from any of the massages on our menu

Allow for 30 min


90 Minute Massage

Choose from any of the massages on our menu and have an extended massage

Allow for 90 min



Jade Stone Massage

Combining all massage techniques with the use of alternating hot and cold jade stones to promote ultimate muscle relaxation. Jade stones are believed to promote wisdom, balance, and peace relieving anxiety and lightening emotion

Allow for 75 min


Basalt Hot Stone Massage

Swedish massage technique with the use of heated basalt stones. Basalt stones are believed to have therapeutic healing properties. This massage is used to revive muscles, and clear the mind

Allow for 60 min


Electronic Detox Massage

Surrender your device to your locker upon arrival, wrap yourself in our silky robe and let your mind forget about the daily notifications. 

Full body massage featuring organic cypress oil and the ancient powers of Shungite stone to clear the body of electro magnetic pollution and negative energies. Herbal salt scrub and detoxifying mineral mud mask foot treatment

Allow for 60 minutes 


Foot Reflexology

Using a specific thumb walking technique, reflexology is believed to stimulate the systems of the body giving them balance and creating a sense of health, and well being. Be amazed by how the feet are related to the body's anatomy

Allow for 60 min



Mineral Bath Soak

House blended Mineral Bath Soak for detoxification, body balance, and relaxation Add on to any massage or service or simply have a soak

Allow for 20 min


Mud Bath Soak

Come play in the mud! Dead Sea Mineral Mud is used to improve skin impurities, blood circulation and cell regeneration

Allow for 20 min



Prices and treatments are subject to change

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