Reiki Energy Healing



Reiki is an energy healing technique that originates from Japan which promotes stress reduction, relaxation, healing, and increase in energy vibration. Energy flows through us, through our chakras, meridians and fields making up our aura. Energy flowing through our physical body and can be disrupted by conscious or unconscious negative thoughts or feelings towards ourselves and others. Reiki works to bring balance back to our natural energy flow for a healthier happier sense of well-being.


Allow for 60 minutes



Allow for 30 minutes


Reiki Chakra Healing


Chakra healing focuses on an emotional and spiritual treatment. All the chakras have different elements and colours associated with them. Using Reiki, energy amplifies the chakras, rebalancing and helping to release any blockages in our systems for a harmonious sense of balance.


Allow for 60 minutes


Reiki Crystal Healing


The use of crystals during a Reiki treatment helps speed up the healing and energy balancing process.

Crystal healing empowers and increases the interaction between the chakras, helping them return to correct vibration for overall whole body balance and healing wellness.


Allow for 60 minutes



Prices and treatments are subject to change