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Brows & Lashes 

Brow Lamination


The latest trend in eyebrow beauty 

Lamination turns messy, unruly or skinny brows into perfectly shaped, fuller brows for up to two months. Making your brows easy to comb up in the direction you like and stay styled in perfect shape 


Great for clients with lots of eyebrow hair who regularly need to comb and gel to keep them straight and uniform. Also great for the skinny brow to give them a fuller bigger appearance 

Brows are "permed" straight up making them more pliable for you to work with 


$70 30 mins 

Add on 

Waxing $27

Sugaring $32

Tinting $26

To get complete shaped and full brows we recommend, lamination, waxing or sugaring and tinting paired together 



Tinting makes your eyes more vivid and brows fuller with results lasting up to six weeks. Tinting is resistant to water with no need for mascara or eye brow liner. Longer lasting results with consistent treatments


Eye Lashes $36

Eye Brows $26

Eyelash Lift


Lashes appear much longer and fuller while they get nourished. The unique formula containing collagen & cysteine works in JUST 13 minutes. Give yourself a wake up and go no maintenance look that can last up to 6 weeks 


Lash Lift $82

Allow for 30 mins


Last Lift & Tint $97

Allow for 45 mins

Home Care

  • No steam, swimming, saunas, hot baths, or showers 24 hours after the application to make the tint last longer

  • If decided brows are too dark, to try to lighten them up you can wash them

  • Wear sunscreen over brows the help them from fading to last longer as well


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