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Rosacea Awareness Month

April is Rosacea Awareness Month and we would like to share with you some information about Rosacea and what you can do to help calm the effects at home. Something that has always stood out to me about Rosacea is the study that Rosacea cases have been seen to have higher levels of the tiny mite that lives naturally on our skin called the Demodex mite. I know that doesn't sound nice but it is a normal occurrence on the skin in smaller levels.

A key ingredient in the Eminence Organic Skin Care Calm Skin Collection is Rosemary, studies have also shown us that Rosemary can help to control the amount of Demodex found on our skin. That to me is a great reason to give the Calm Skin collection a try in helping to minimize the effects of Rosacea and reduce inflammation and redness. Some other key ingredients that are beneficial in the Calm Collection are Calendula, Arnica and Ivy, all soothing products. For more information on Demodex and Rosacea please visit the link below.

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