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The healing powers of Shungite stone

My first introduction to Shungite was at the Wellness Show in Vancouver BC, a gentleman had an eye catching booth about cleansing EMFs from our bodies. At this point I was intrigued. What are EMFs was my first question, and second, how do we fix what sounds like a problem here? He informed me- Electromagnetic Fields, being emitted from our devices that could potentially be causing harm to our bodies. Ummmm... What? More and more studies are being done to learn about the effects of these frequencies on our health, he told me. It was at that point that I decided it was a matter of going back to the old saying of "better safe than sorry." I was sold.

I purchased my Shungite plate for my cell phone that day and it is still in the same spot. In March 2018 I completed an Advanced Holistic Facial Certificate which dove me further into the investigation of healing crystals, and this is what I have learned:

Shugnite is a unique stone in that it has electricity conducting properties. These are used to block electro magnetic fields from our common devices such as cell phones, computers, tablets and microwaves. By placing a piece of Shungite near your device it has the ability to block out some of the free radical pollution. AWESOME RIGHT!

Being one of the strongest mineral healing stones, this shiny black gem is gaining popularity in my spa. Now retailing Shungite plates and stones my clients are becoming more aware of the concerns surrounding EMFs and the benefits that Shungite can provide us with.

Containing fullerenes which are powerful anti-oxidants, Shungite holds value to the healing of our skin cells and over all well-being. The energy of shungite is said to absorb and eliminate anything that is a hazard to our health. With that I invite you to try my newly designed Electromagnetic Detox Massage and pick up a piece of Shungite for your health and well-being.

With gratitude,


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