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Think of this treatment as a 3-in-1 flash facial — a stimulant, an exfoliant and a masque. This supercharged powder-to-mousse formula instantly warms the skin as zeolite binds to toxins and draws out impurities. A touch of spicy paprika amplifi es the heat as it invigorates and boosts circulation, without the associated redness. As the treatment dries, kaolin clay purifi es and repairs while turmeric brightens and calms infl ammation. When removing, buff the treatment into the skin to slough away impurities and reveal irresistibly soft, luminous, energized skin.


RECOMMENDED USE: For your at home skin care ritual, use this product 1-2 times per week. 


KEY INGREDIENTS: Turmeric, Citrine Gemstones, Paprika, Zeolite, Kaolin Clay RETAIL: 60 g / 2 oz

Turmeric Energizing Treatment with Citrine Gemstones

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